This article is written from a real life, out of character perspective. The content in this page is not part of the universe and is written from a production point of view.

Do not post anything onto the wiki that you did not come up with yourself.

  • Images must be public domain or made by yourself or otherwise be protected by fair use. Do not use copyrighted images otherwise and try to get permission from creators.
  • Try and limit usage of images of known things and from other franchises if you can. If there is a better alternative (such as your drew it yourself) use that instead.
  • Don't copy anything from another source and regurgitate it here.
  • Do not use any copyrighted trademarks or protected character names. (eg. Darth Vader, Spock, Sahuagin, Sergal.)

By posting information onto this wiki you are in effect stating that you have read this policy and understand it. You are, by editing, affirming that your content is completely original unless otherwise stated (such as a fair use statement on an image or an image with proper licensing). Anything that violates the IP Policy will be rapidly deleted.


By signing my user ID here, I affirm that I understand and agree with the IPP. The IPP is in effect even if I do not sign my ID and I am still held to it. Use Source Editing to sign. Sign by using four tildes (~).

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