Air Force One is the callsign used for any aircraft currently transporting the President of the United States of America. It is most commonly associated with the VCI-3000 Aquila-class stealth command jet currently serving as the Presidential Transport for Marcus Whitmore, but other vehicles have been used to carry the President and thus had the same callsign.

History Edit

Boeing 2707 Edit

Prior to its replacement, the aircraft serving as Air Force One was a modified Boeing 2707 that was in operation until 2029.

ACS-2 Aquila Stealth Command Jet Edit

This aircraft was later publicly revealed to have replaced the Boeing 2707 previously used by the President and Presidents since 1990. Whitmore described it as being 'much roomier and high tech' compared to the previous aircraft, reflecting its superior capabilities and larger size, and retaining supersonic abilities without having to be narrow and scant on interior space like his previous aircraft.

Some criticized the decision to use a disarmed military aircraft instead of a modified civilian airliner, commenting that it represented increasing ties to the military industrial complex (despite Boeing also being a part of said complex) and mocking the United States' recent militarism as a whole.

This Aquila is expected to serve at least into the late 2050s.

Technical Specifications Edit

Boeing 2707 Edit

Not much has been said about the supersonic jet that formerly served as the presidential air transport, but it is known that it was a specially built version of the Boeing 2707 airliner capable of a classified degree of speed at high Mach and was retired in 2029.

ACS-2 Aquila Stealth Command Jet Edit

Due to the Aquila's innate stealth, defensive and command abilities, it was chosen as the new presidential transport,as its specifications made it extremely ideal to function as a secure and versatile transport for the President. It entered service in 2029.

  • Due to the ACS-2 Aquila's in-flight ability to dock and support smaller 'jump aircraft', Marine One was at the same time upgraded to become a V-25 jump jet, one of the aircraft types that was compatible with the docking mechanism. Due to this change, Marine One and Air Force One are now paired together and the former can deploy from the latter with ease if a motorcade is not viable.
  • In addition to docking Marine One topside, the new Air Force One can carry Cadillac One, the Presidential Limousine itself when the motorcade is a viable option. Other vehicles in the motorcade must be brought by other aircraft, however.
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