Area 51 is a United States Air Force base located in Nevada. It is one of the United States of America's primary facilities for extraterrestrial research and monitoring, as well as testing prototype and experimental aircraft. Due to this, many of its inner workings are classified.

History Edit

During World War II, the United States government deliberately spread rumors about the existence of this base and implied that the facilities present on it were a major Red Matter technology development site, in order to use it as a red herring to protect and draw attention away from the actual research facilities in Montana and near Union City, Wyoming.

During the Cold War, this facility assisted in the development of the ACS-1 Citadel-class aerial battleship by serving as one of the landing destinations for the first several experimental flights. The prototype, the USS Citadel, successfully executed its first glide-in landing here in late 1989.

In the modern day, the facility continues to test prototype aircraft alongside Edwards Air Force Base (its parent military base) as well as being a site for monitoring outer space activity, with powerful telescope arrays and satellite dish equipment.

2029 Edit

Late this year, construction of a second AC-20 air frame began here as part of the United States Air Force's continuing experiments on matter compression technology in the aftermath of the ULC-CLAW War.

Locations and Features Edit

Groom Lake Edit

  • Four conventional airstrips, and a fifth extended and widened airstrip for Citadel landings.

Area 51 Facilities proper Edit

  • Aircraft prototype storage hangars
  • Wind tunnel testing facilities
  • Security checkpoints and fighter storage and maintenance bays

Salt flats Edit

  • Area 51 Telescope Array
  • Explosive Ordinance Testing Zone