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A Chimera is an artificially created magical creature, created in the 12th Century as a beast of war. Through further development, or disasters, they were freed from their chains and became a creature spreading through Europe and Asia.

History Edit

From what documents were able to be recovered, and translated, the Chimera was created as a weapon to defend Greece from outside threats, while successful, the Chimera was considered extremely volatile. And often ate their own allies in a blood lusted fervor, as reported from generals and soldiers who survived the various battles Chimera were placed in.

As the Chimera grew, their creator discovered they were able to successfully reproduce, and he would carefully remove the offspring from its parents. In an attempt to raise a more obedient Chimera, the breeder was able to concoct a mixture to train the Chimera to focus on, by throwing a vial at a target, it would attack in an instance.

But it was with that very mixture that spelled disaster for the Chimera armed forces. When their enemies discovered it, they would destroy any and all containers of it, causing the Chimeras to go beserk, and leaving any handlers in the Greek forces unequipped with handling them. By either the Greek Forces deaths, or by any Chimera, they were free of each other. Surviving Chimeras would escape into the wilds, learning how to hunt on their own.

Modern Day Edit

In 2015, the last living Chimera escaped containment and went on a destructive rampage in Portland, Maine before being killed by Knights Illuminor and ULC personnel. The death of the final specimen marked the end of the species.

Characteristics Edit

A fusion of several creatures. Most archeological finds show us that the Chimera was consisting of what appears to be Lion, Hyena and Bat. The skeletal remains have shown that most Chimera are about six feet tall, and from heads to tail, four feet long. Weighing on average,  480 pounds, these beasts are solely carnivorous, and from salvaged records, have been able to determine the first successful Chimera was created in the Twelfth Century.

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