Cyborgs are cybernetically enhanced individuals built with advanced technology. Their origins are at present unknown, as known technology is not yet versatile enough to augment a human body to such an extent.

History Edit

Prior to the 2020 Samoan Incident, after which Kaitiaki was discovered, no true cyborgs had been discovered. Kaitiaki's origins and creator are still unknown as of 2029.

Taskforce Andrew was formed in 2022 to research and investigate the emergence of cyborgs, as well as reverse-engineer the technology for ULC use.

In 2029, during an accident in the tech facilities at Ekhota Base, Union Falls, Wyoming, Ian Iaego was revealed to possess an entirely artificial body with only an organic brain remaining. Testing by Peter Prilv and Taskforce Andrew has revealed the technology he is built upon is a more advanced and extensive version of Kaitiaki's augmentations, though the creator still remains unknown.

It is unknown if any cyborgs exist outside of the USA.

Characteristics Edit

Though many individuals worldwide possess augmentations such as mechanical prostheses, pacemakers, joint implants and other structures, a true cyborg is characterized by extensive augmentation or even replacement of most if not all of the body's systems with advanced technology.

Of those known, one is confirmed to have been augmented with the aid of Flesh Taboo-breaking Biomancy.

Legal Status Edit

As an agent of the ULC in good standing, Kaitiaki is afforded the rights of a full citizen of the United States, though remains under surveillance.

Iaego is currently imprisoned in ULC custody under charges of espionage.

List of Known Cyborgs Edit

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