Daniel Whitaker is the grandson of Frank Whitaker.

History Edit

Daniel Whitaker was born sometime in the late 1990s. As a teenager, he worked at Frank's Corner Confectioneries to supplement his aging grandfather.

In 2017, his grandfather died of old age and the business was closed. Daniel attended his funeral and noticed Charlie Lang sulking at the edge of the trees, watching the ceremony from afar. Initially suspicious at first, he came to realize that this mysterious individual was well dressed and had shown up for a reason, prompting him to investigate. Lang revealed himself as the Anthro-feralis child that Frank befriended at his candy shop.

Whitaker then realized that this was the child that his grandfather spoke so often and highly of. He invited Charlie to join the family, firmly declaring that Frank would have never allowed him to stand out in the freezing cold. Despite this generosity, Lang politely refused, stating that it would not be appropriate. Whitaker insisted that Lang at least be given the opportunity to properly pay his respects, and the Anthro agreed.

The two of them stood in silence at the grave, silently mourning Frank's death. Daniel sadly affirmed that all loved ones will eventually pass when the grief-stricken Lang lamented that everyone he loved would eventually 'leave'. As the procession of cars started up in the distance and the Whitaker family began to leave, Daniel placed his hand on Charlie's shoulder and told him to take care of himself, before bidding him farewell and leaving to join the rest of his family.

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Daniel seems to have inherited the compassion demonstrated by his grandfather, clearly seeing his elder as a great influence within his life. Even when not knowing who Lang was, he was polite and calm, wishing to understand why Charlie was watching from afar. He also remarked that Frank would not have accepted Charlie standing out in the cold at his funeral, and would have liked him to be with the rest of the family. This showed a great deal of sympathy and understanding.

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