Emily June Lang was a red panda Anthro-feralis who was the mother of Charlie Lang and wife to Hank Lang. She died of brain cancer in 2015, but not before giving her son a small canister of Areum to help him realize his dream of becoming a wizard.

History Edit

Emily Lang was born in 1974 and lived through the Awakening as a child. Unlike her future husband Hank, she seemed to have retained her optimism, cheerfulness and innocence even into adulthood, despite the horrible chaos that had unfolded itself around her during her formative years.

Emily Lang gave birth to Charlie Lang in 1999.

In the early 200s, she was diagnosed with brain cancer resulting in a tumor, specifically medulloblastom, sometime after 2006. She comforted Charlie when he came home crying after being bullied, and repaired the broken toy wand he had made for class. She told him that he would achieve great things and believed it; she had begun saving up for a supply of Areum to be gifted to him when he was old enough.

By 2013 she required supplemental oxygen to breathe. She played a piano duet with her son after he came home from school.

In 2015, her cancer became terminal. She decided to forgo paying for chemotherapy treatments and to use the money as planned to illegally obtain Areum for her son. She succeeded at the cost of prolonging her life, and on his 16th birthday, gave him the canister, smiling as it glowed in his hand, telling him that he would become something great. She passed away hours later, devastating her husband and son. Her time of death was 10:45 PM, March 10, 2015, the same day as her son's birthday.

Legacy Edit

Charlie Lang's career and life is motivated in significant part by his mother, who always encouraged him to pursue his ambition. The core of his wand that he uses to this day is the Areum core that she presented to him on his 16th birthday and her deathbed. Charlie keeps a picture of her by his bedside and the code to his combination safe is the date of her death.

Charlie does not particularly enjoy celebrating his birthday, as it reminds him of his own mortality and specifically the date of his mother's death, regarding it only as a source of grief and a painful reminder of having his mother stripped away in his youth.

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Emily was an extremely caring and doting mother. She went to great lengths to make her son and husband happy, despite her failing health. She was noted by her husband, Hank Lang, to understand their son far better than he could, and was loved dearly by both.

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