Frank's Corner Confectioneries was a small sweet shop operating in San Francisco. Its owner and proprietor was Frank Whitaker, who ran the store by himself and with family members. Charlie Lang used to visit this store frequently as a child and well into his teenage years.

History Edit

Frank's Corner Confectioneries was bought by Frank Whitaker sometime in the early 1990s after the disaster wrought by the Type-III Awakening Incident. The societal upheaval inspired Whitaker to change careers during a mid-life crisis and open a candy store. Whitaker himself ran the store and was responsible for its upkeep and supply. It became a popular destination for the neighborhood kids, much to the dismay of their parents and local dentists. Charlie Lang was among those that frequented the store, his favorite candy being Green Apple Fizzle Gummy Pops.

In 2013, Charlie Lang visited the store after having a difficult day at school. Whitaker consoled him and criticized the source of his unhappiness, which was the passing of the 2013 Anti-Anthro Act. Whitaker went on to say that people like Charlie were valuable to society and that the United States was losing out by refusing to allow immigration.

Sometime afterward Daniel Whitaker joined the store as an teenage employee due to his grandfather's declining health. By 2020, Frank Whitaker died, and the store was never reopened after his death.

Organization Edit

The sweet shop was located on the corner of a town street within the greater San Francisco area. It appeared to be run solely by Frank Whitaker, though Daniel Whitaker was an employee during its later years as Frank grew older and needed assistance running the store.