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Emperor Shōwa or Hirohito was a Human who was the 124th Emperor of Japan and the head of state of the Empire of Japan. His degree of involvement of the empire during World War II is debatable. Hirohito was an exceptional Rm user who was a avid proponent of magi-tec, resulting in a movement that would see Japan, for a time, far ahead of other great powers in research and development of magical technologies for the war effort.

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  • Wizardry: Hirohito was an adept wizard of his time, and influenced much of early magi-tec and magical military equipment.
    • Technomancy: Hirohito did vast amounts of research into combining traditional technology with magic, and his efforts and promotion of magical technology within Japan helped the Empire gain a decisive advantage at the start of the war.

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  • Societal influence and prestige: The position of Emperor was a highly revered one in Japanese culture, and to this end many Japanese were fanatical and willing to give up their lives in order to honor and glorify the Imperial dynasty. Hirohito enjoyed much popularity because of this and had influence over his peers and underlings because of it. However the de-facto leadership of Japan often took advantage of this to enforce their rule.
  • Claims of divinity: Many believed that the Emperor was divine and otherworldly, having the powers of a god. The fact that he could perform magic (like other wizards) helped strengthen this impression.

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  • Imperial Family

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