India is a sovereign state in Asia. It is the second most populous country on Earth. It is a democratic country that, despite egalitarian policies, is known for its strict, traditional caste system. It is considered a recovering country: the effects of the Awakening Incident on its high, dense population resulted in a significantly more devastating amount of damage to its infrastructure and cities than most other countries, which is still being cleaned up and repaired to this day.  

It is a member of the United Nations and a signatory of the 1991 Type-III Regulatory Treaty. It is one of the most active hotspots for the AECIF.  

History Edit

India lost approximately 29% of its population during the Awakening Incident due to many Awakenings occurring in its notoriously heavily and densely populated areas, compounding the devastation that occurred. The nation also suffered severe difficulties mobilizing its armed forces and relief efforts due to the nature of the crisis.

In 2006, an incident known as the Battle of Bhopal resulted in the city of Bhopal being destroyed by a metahuman who created seismic events and triggered volcanic activity that destroyed the city and killed thousands before the AECIF intervened.

India is expected to transition from Recovering to Recovered by 2051 according to United Nations projections.

Locations and Features Edit

  • New Delhi (capital)
  • Bhopal Ruins