The Elven Kingdom of Tralar is a monarchy ruling over a small region of land near the border of Norway in Europe. Its population is exclusively Elves, who are isolated from the outside world.

History Edit

The Kingdom of Tralar, for most of its history, was a small, isolated kingdom in Northern Europe. Throughout the Middle Ages and for centuries afterwards the Kingdom often was a destination for adventurous Human travelers. The Kingdom survived, unlike many Elven communties, due to its extreme isolation and remote location in the mountains.

During World War II, Nazi Germany attempted to locate the Kingdom and firebomb it to exterminate its populace, but thanks to its already remote location and the use of magic, the Elves of Tralar managed to hide from the Luftwaffe.

A delegation from the Kingdom of Tralar was present in the United Nations during the 1940s and witnessed and approved the ratification of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Humanoid Rights.

Sometime after 1948, the village elders of the Kingdom feared that Human incursions into their territory would become more commonplace, thanks to rapidly increasing Human breakthroughs in magic and technology. In a secretive deal with the Human European powers, Tralar became an isolated, almost mythical state, with its coordinates and general existence being scrubbed from public record. In the 1960s, a massive wall was built surrounding the isolated kingdom and was guarded by NATO forces to prevent entry by unauthorized and unwelcome Human travelers. The elders decreed that technology was to be forever limited to that of the Middle Ages.

In 2021, a British Royal Air Force Boeing C-17 suffered catastrophic engine failure while flying in nearby airspace. The pilots attempted to divert the damaged plane to the nearest suitable landing area in Norway, and were granted permission to risk entering the Tralar no-fly zone by air traffic control. Unfortunately their remaining engines failed as they were halfway over the Elf country, causing the plane to crash near a village and momentarily reveal the existence of the modern world to the Elves. This became known as the 2021 Tralar Breach of Secrecy Incident.

Locations and Features Edit

Alerius Edit

The capital of Tralar is Alerius, a walled city in the midst of a mountain valley. The crescent-shaped city sits in the valley basin, and a river flows through the settlement, providing drinking water and turning the city's mills. Many buildings are stone and wattle and daub. Its seat of government lies in the Elder's Hollow, a massive castle atop mountain that the village is built around.

Known settlements Edit

  • Alerius (capital)
  • Iliphar Village

Known features Edit

  • Galdhøpiggen (Norwegian) / Miirphys (Elvish) mountains
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