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"It makes the depths churn like a boiling cauldron and stirs up the sea like a pot of ointment. It leaves a glistening wake behind it; one would think the deep had white hair. Nothing on earth is its equal— a creature without fear. It looks down on all that are haughty; it is king over all that are proud."
―Book of Job 41:31-54
The Leviathan, also known as the World Serpent or the Worm Ouroboros, is a magical cryptid that inhabits the deep oceans of the world. Modern documentation on the leviathan is rare, though several ancient texts make mention of it including the Book of Job and the Prose Edda.

The Leviathan bears a bizarre mixture of traits from extremely different branches of the animal kingdom, including those of dragonkind. It is thus thought to be an artificial creature similar to the griffon. Some claim the existence of the leviathan is proof that Atlantis once existed and that Atlantis' wizards must have created it. Others that such a feat of biomancy should have been impossible until very recently.

History Edit

Sightings and records of the Leviathan are steeped in myth and legend. It is believed that several gods of the old world were in fact leviathans, such as Jormandgund and Tiamat. It is not known if these were instances of the same individual appearing to different cultures or if multiple leviathans existed. Many of these myths also make mention of the leviathan alongside prophecies of the end of the world.

In 1997, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration detected an ultra-low frequency and extremely loud underwater sound that was since known colloquially as "The Bloop". In 2002 This sound was traced to an apparently sleeping leviathan originally thought to be part of an existing seamount off the coast of Hawaii. They were quick to restrict access to the area and set up several monitoring stations.

As of 2029 no more instances of Pristis pristis have been discovered. The one near Hawaii has not awoken from its sleep, though during the May nuclear exchange it was recorded speaking broken fragments of Japanese. It is currently unknown how or why it knows this language or if it knows others.

Characteristics Edit

The leviathan is a truly gargantuan creature, covered in corals and other marine life. As it is asleep it is not possible to discern whether or not it is sentient. It is unknown if its speech was true speech or simply parroting something it had heard.

  • The front body of the leviathan resembles a lobster, with armoured plates, pronounced rostrum and antennae, but very different mouthparts clearly designed to hook and tear at gigantic prey.
  • It has two muscular arms ending in gigantic pincers.
  • A long, cartilaginous tail similar to a shark's ending in a heterocercal fin.
  • A muscular, scaled body.
  • Several additional fins more similar to those found on bony fish have been discovered along its body.
  • Its eyes are composed of crystalline minerals similar to a trilobite's.
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