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"“Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.”"
―Dr. Ian Malcolm
In any event with a magical creature involved, the first task is to identify them.

The U.S. Government has classified the creatures in two distinct categories, the following is a list of extinct and existing creatures.

NOS: Naturally Occuring Species. Through evolution and environmental mutation. The creatures here have no tampering from biomancers. Below shows a listing of existing or extinct creatures that were once able to maintain a population.

Dragons are magical creatures of immense power and strength. While starting small, depending on their environments and successful hunting, they may grow into larger magical beasts. This Document will expand further on explaining the Dragon.


Leviathan: There is only one known leviathan in existence. Discovered in 2004 on the side of a seamount in the Pacific Ocean, the creature has barely moved since, though will occasionally vocalize strange murmurs and broken fragments of Japanese. It is an enormous creature with traits of both bony fish and arthropods, and believed by some to have been created by ancient Atlanteans, long before the first known use of magic.


ACS: Artificially Created Species. These, as their classification suggests are made, not discovered. Through legal, or illegal methods the creatures under this classification have been recognized as species, and not simple experimental results. A species that is capable of relatively stable means of repopulating their numbers.

Chimera, extinct but known throughout the world as dangerous magical beasts were commonly seen to be an amalgamation of Bat, Hyena and Lion. The creatures were carniviorous and due to that, when the last one escaped captivity the Knights were forced to put it down due to the threat it posed to everyone around it.

Cwn Annwn: Also known as "Hounds of Annwn" or "Hell Hounds", these doglike creatures possess brilliant white fur, red ears and a slim, sinewy build similar to that of a greyhound. They were bred by the elves of Annwn as hunting and guard dogs and were demonized by Christians in England and Wales during the medieval period. Cwn Annwn are able to bathe an area around them in a magical mist similar to that which surrounds Annwn itself, muffling all sounds bar their own distinctive barking and causing creatures caught in the mist to potentially lose their sense of direction.

Manticore: This beast is a magical creature created by biomancy, the result of a fusion of man, bat, lion, and scorpion DNA intended to create a monstrous and highly aggressive animal. Further information can be located in the document.

Necro-Variants: A set of animated and modified undead created by Dark Wizards, while many variations have been recorded, only a few of them have appeared internationally. So it is beleived that manufacturing of these kinds have been spread around


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