The Moon, or Luna, is the only natural satellite of the planet Earth and the faith largest satellite in the solar system. It is the only other celestial body in the Sol System that is inhabited by Humans.


Many ancient myths and religions have the Moon as a central object within them. The celestial object has been an object of worship in many cultures. Many ancient magical rituals involved moonlight or the lunar cycle, and in wizarding cultures the moon and its phases played a key role in society.

It was believed that by seeing a full moon, werewolves would transform into their bestial forms.

The moon would become an object of superstition for many, though plenty of societies recognized its traits and behaviors as being consistent and having a measurable effect on the environment.

During the Age of Sail and the Scientific Revolution, the moon became a more closely studied object, and was studied closely in order to measure its dimensions and properties. The study of the moon and other astronomical objects greatly changed how many in society perceived the universe, especially wizardkind.

In 1965, the United States of America landed the first Humans on the moon.

In the following decades, continuous manned missions to Luna eventually culminated in the first colony being established in 1992, which has continued to expand and develop since then.

Sometime in 2016 the Lunar Collision and Threat Prevention Defense Array was installed at Armstrong Lunar Colony, in the form of a massive laser that is intended to destroy rogue interstellar bodies should their trajectory put them on a collision course with Earth.

Modern Day Edit

There are currently 150,000 inhabitants from various nations living on the Lunar surface, the vast majority of them located in the Armstrong Lunar Colony. Several research stations are present throughout the surface of the satellite.

Currently plans are being made to use the moon as a launching point for a proposed outer space mission to Mars, with the intent to construct the spacecraft in orbit of the Moon with the aid of the Armstrong Lunar Colony.

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