Paradigm was the first known parahuman, appearing in 1983, two years before parahumans would appear en masse in the Type-III Awakening Incident. His real name and current location are only accessible to the Chief Director of AECIF , the official reason being that it was to protect his identity and ensure his safety.

History Edit

Paradigm's history has been stricken from all publicly accessible records, however it can be surmised that he underwent some form of mental trauma that resulted in the manifestation of his abilities.

Personality Edit

No psychological analysis records exist of Paradigm, but as with his history it can be assumed that he has been affected adversely by trauma, and is likely mentally unstable as is common among parahumans.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Nothing is known of Paradigm's abilities, as all medical records of him have been sealed by order of AECIF and public databases have been scrubbed of all detailed descriptions of him.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

  • AECIF (observers and guardians)