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Repair sticks are a versatile tool in the arsenal of any soldier, secret agent, metahuman, terrorist, or any Human with a flat car tire.


Repair sticks first arose in the form of sharp wooden objects that early humans would impale their prey and sometimes other humans. They were sharpened by rocks and were often used as tools.

They are, along with the Frying Pan, a weapon of choice for beleaguered superheroes who have run out of ammunition, though application is not as amusing.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

Contact with a Human often results in an epidural hematoma.

Its shiny and reflective metal surface often attracts Humans and especially furries anthro-feralis with short attention spans. It can also be used on them in a permanent attempt to fix said short attention span but application is often either ineffective or fatal.

Despite these abilities they cannot fix cripples, but are quite good at creating them.
How to Throw a Wrench

How to Throw a Wrench

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