San Francisco General Hospital is a public hospital in San Francisco, California. It serves the greater San Francisco Area and is one of the major sites of the city completely rebuilt after the Type-III Awakening Incident of the 1980s, making it highly modernized and well equipped.

History Edit

During the Type-III Awakening Incident, this hospital served as a trauma and triage center for victims of the metahuman uprising. The hospital became a heavily fortified and defended point in the city which also acted as an insertion point for US military personnel, but eventually had to be evacuated after sustaining an unacceptable amount of damage.

During the late 1980s to 1990s its ruins were demolished and rebuilt with entirely new facilities. It reopened in 1995.

Charlie Lang was born at this hospital in 1999.

In the late 2000s, Emily Lang was diagnosed with brain cancer here and began treatments in an attempt to stave off its spread, to little success.

In 2015, on March 10th, Emily Lang passed away from complications due to her cancer. She however had not been resuming chemotherapy treatments despite the advice of her physicians. On this night Hank and Charlie Lang spoke to each other on the rooftop of the building, despite not being allowed up there, the two of them climbed up to it for privacy. In the distance the still-under construction Phoenix Complex was seen.

Organization Edit

San Francisco General Hospital was completely rebuilt after its original form was heavily damaged in the metahuman uprising. It acts as a safety-net hospital, offering advanced and high intensity treatments regardless of ability to pay. It serves the poor, elderly, uninsured working families, and immigrants. This fact proved to be important to the Lang family, which were middle class and sometimes struggled to make ends meet.