San Francisco State University is a public university in San Francisco, California, and one of many universities in the United States that offer courses and a degree in magical studies.

History Edit

Charlie Lang and Tyler Cheng were accepted into this university and began enrollment in 2017. Lang declared his major as Magical Studies and took several classes, such as Introduction to Magic in his first year, taught by Professor James Hendelsworth.

During his time at SFSU, Lang constructed a wand of his own design and making using the Areum core that his mother had given to him. He continued to take advanced-level magical classes along with his core classes, and had private lessons with Hendelsworth to hone his magical abilities.

In 2021, Charlie Lang and Tyler Cheng graduated. Charlie Lang graduated with a degree in Magical Studies with a specialization in Technomancy and Alchemy. This degree allowed him to be accepted into the United Liberators Operations Academy.

Locations and Features Edit

Locations Edit

  • Campus greens
  • Arlin Hall
  • J. Paul Leonard Library
  • Unamed engineering building

Known organizations Edit

  • Robotics Club

Known fields of study Edit

  • Physics (mentioned)
  • Magic

Students Edit

Faculty Edit