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Slavery is when property law is applied to people, and an individual is purchased, sold, or otherwise treated as an object by another individual. In modern times, slavery is outlawed by all countries, but still exists in the form of human trafficking and conscripted labor.   


Slavery has existed in some form since the beginning of civilization and in its early history was institutionalized by most societies. Slaves could become slaves through birth, capture, or other circumstances. Egyptians used slaves to build their pyramids and monuments, and slaves were commonly created from citizens or soldiers of a defeated empire.

During the Middle Ages, Humans and Dwarves both enslaved Elves, and Humans sometimes abused and enslaved Dwarves as well.

During the Age of Sail, European powers colonized the globe and conquered large swaths of land along with their native inhabitants, whom they often sold into slavery or enslaved themselves in order to gain resources and manpower. Indentured servants were practically slaves due to owing debt, but were often freed after the debt was deemed repaid. Africans were enslaved, as well as Dwarves and Anthro-feralis.

Slavery was outlawed in the British Commonwealth in 1833.

Charlie Lang's ancestor, Alphonse Oliver Lang, was a slave-pet belonging to the Human Lang family in West Viriginia prior to the Civil War.

Slavery was abolished in the United States shortly after the end of the American Civil War in the 1860s.

In 1948, the United Nations was formed. The 1948 Universal Declaration of Humanoid Rights outlaws slavery for all Humanoids but it does not protect Anthro-feralis from slavery. However most countries throughout the globe have nevertheless specific laws protecting Anthro-feralis from enslavement, and all recognized countries also have outlawed slavery in general.

Formerly enslaved peoples: Edit

  • Prisoners of war and citizens of conquered territories
  • Numerous African groups (enslaved by Humans)
  • Native Americans (enslaved by Humans)
  • Anthro-feralis (enslaved by Humans and Dwarves)
  • Orcs (attempted by Humans)
  • Goblin (Dwarf subtype enslaved by Humans and Dwarves)
  • Elves (enslaved by Humans and Dwarves)
    • Lesser Elves (enslaved by Humans, Dwarves, and Elves)

Characteristics Edit

Slavery is the deprivation of basic rights. Individuals who are enslaved are bought, sold, exchanged and effectively used and treated as property. Slaves could be become slaves by birth or could have become slaves by being prisoners of war or captured civilians from a defeated enemy. Due to population growth there are more slaves in the modern world than any time previously in history, despite being outlawed in all countries.

Modern slavery consists of human trafficking, sex trafficking, child soldiers, child laborers, and unfree labor. Some forms of debt bondage, domestic servitude and forced arranged marriages can be considered slavery.