St. Peter and Paul Church was initially constructed in 1857 and reconstructed in 1891. This cathedral has stood watch over the East Liberty borough of Pittsburgh and serviced the local community for generations. Already in a dilapidated state from the collapse of the local steel industry during the 1970s, the church could not withstand the calamity of the Awakening Incident during the 1980s, and closed its doors in the aftermath.

History Edit

Despite being declared a Historic Landmark in 1992, funding for the restoration of the church never manifested, as many other parts of the city affected by the Awakening Incident were in far greater financial need. While the rest of the city flourished courtesy of the Areum and medical industries, the neighborhood containing the church continued to decline and fall to disrepair and neglect.


Abandoned interior where CLAW made their hideout.

Several attempts have been made to monetize the property in the mid-2010s, ranging from offers to restore the property to its former glory, to others that attempted to reconfigure the building into a cathedral-themed restaurant. All attempts failed, the building simply being more trouble than it is worth to restore or to even demolish.

In August of 2027, this church was the location chosen by CLAW to host the transformation ritual practiced on Camden Kolt and the other four abductees taken from the protest that day.

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