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This unnamed wizard is the original Anthro-feralis and wizard creator of the entire race. They were exiled from their homeland in Europe, and ended up finding Australia along with the native inhabitants. Not much is known about this mage, but despite a dearth of information it is confirmed that the mage was formerly a Human biomancer who transformed himself into a type of Canis lupus.

History Edit

Discovery Edit

The only real history of this mage before their settlement on Australia is known through one source. This source is an old tattered leather bound journal found in some old hut's ruins, near the southern part of the country. This hut is widely believed to be the old home of the unnamed mage while they resided with the natives. This journal was discovered in 1976 by a team of researches, most of which were United Kingdom officials. After it's discovery the United Kingdom worked on translating and gathering information from the journal.

While the legend of this mage has almost always been with the Feral people, and even has written texts written in the long dead Anthro-feralis language. The history community was very interested in translating the journal, hoping that it would reveal more details about the mage. Things such as their name, their history of how they came to Australia first, and their history before Australia. However, the journal seemed to have only revealed a few details about the mage's past.

The entire journal was written in the first person, as to be expected. And some very important information was indeed found, information that cleared up many rumors about the mage. After months of translation it was revealed that the mage was actually from Europe, however where from was unknown. It was also found that they were exiled from their homeland, due to their blasphemous uses of biomancy by violating the Flesh Taboo.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about the mage's personality, aside from the impression that they had a very high sense of themselves and was quite proud of their accomplishments in biomancy, as seen in their journal entries.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Biomancy: The mage created an entire sentient species capable of reproduction, suggesting a high level of magical skill and power.

Abilities Edit

  • Biologist: In order to have been successful with their experiments, the mage would have required a high degree of scientific knowledge especially in regards to organism function.

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