The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) is a sovereign state comprised of England, Wales, Scotland, and Norther Ireland, located in Europe. It is the former heart of the British Empire.

The UK is a member of the United Nations and a signatory of the 1991 Type-III Regulatory Treaty.

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The United Kingdom has historically been one of the most powerful states on Earth, at one point being the seat of power of the British Empire, a state whose territories spanned globally. The United Kingdom formed from a monarchy and throughout the centuries slowly became a representative Parliamentary monarchy.

The United Kingdom was the first country to industrialize and undergo rapid industrialization, introducing mass production and steam power.

The earliest stages of the Revelation of Wizardkind began in England due to this. Wizards have had a greater presence in the UK historically, and the United Kingdom was one of the first states to adopt measures to regulate magic users and protect them. During World War I however, it drafted wizards into the Royal military, and the horrors of war dealt a great blow to the magical British population.

During World War II, the UK suffered heavy bombing from the Luftwaffe of Nazi Germany. Magical warfare and sustained siege from the Third Reich resulted in many cities on the island being heavily damaged, necessitating extensive reconstruction after the war. It was one of the key members of the Allies.

During the Type-III Awakening Incident, the United Kingdom was one of the most influential countries in the fight against the Parahuman Uprising, leading the charge in mobilizing military forces to retake affected regions of Europe and even other continents and restore order.

The United Kingdom governs the continent of Australia, which remains, along with New Zealand, one of its last colonies.

Norlar spent the first year away from the Kingdom of Tralar here, learning English and assimilating into modern society.

The Thornwick Family lives in the United Kingdom and are notorious for being traditionalist and conservative wizards unfriendly to those outside the wizarding world.

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