Victor Frankenstein was a wizard who was known for his experiments in reanimating dead tissue with the use of Areum. He excelled in biomancy and was one of few wizards to break the forbidden taboo of working with humanoid-derived tissue in his experiments.  

History Edit

Victor Frankenstein was born in Geneva in 1701.  

He is most famous for Frankenstein's Experiment, where he was able to reanimate an entire human body. Though the experiment resulted in a barely living, mentally retarded and only semi-functional person, it nevertheless was a major breakthrough in magical tissue manipulation.  

He later claimed to have created a fully functional human, though when later asked for details he remained quiet and refused to discuss the matter. He was found dead in his place of work several months later due to mysterious, unknown circumstances. It is historically accepted that the most likely cause was that he indeed succeeded in his latest experiment, and the sentient being he created murdered him.  

Legacy Edit

Victor Frankenstein is often portrayed in media as the 'mad scientist' and is the basis for the modern story archetype. Numerous films and books have been written about him, and his monster, which is often confused with him and erroneously called 'Frankenstein'.

Personality Edit

Victor Frankenstein was known for being obsessed with work, and also his tendency to be incredibly paranoid after one of his experiments ran off in the middle of the night. It however was proven right when he was killed by one of his own creations.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Biomancy: Frankenstein was able to manipulate tissue with Areum, and was a skilled scientist and biologist.

Abilities Edit

  • Well-read: Frankenstein meticulously studied thousands of books, many of them written by his predecessors and peers. He was well versed in culture and history, and was, due to his wealthy family, highly educated.
  • Laboratory prowess: Frankenstein was a skilled scientist, able to use his scientific equipment in tandem with his magical abilities to reanimate life.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

  • Caroline Beaufort † (mother)
  • Alphonse Frankenstein (father) 
  • Elizabeth † (fiance)