Ziggy Peters was the younger sibling of Siegfried Peters.

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The younger brother of Siegfried Peters, Ziggy Peters was only twelve years old when he was walking home with his older brother on September 15th, 2028. They were returning from a trip to the Union Falls Children's Museum when they were suddenly ambushed and mugged by the Skull Crushers at knife point, who stole their belongings before forcing the two siblings into an alleyway.

In the alleyway, the pair were beaten by several gang members, including Kash McCormick, with a variety of weapons including bricks, chains and pipes. Too weakened, Siegfried was unable to defend himself or his brother before Ziggy was shot with a semi-automatic pistol at point blank range.

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Siegfried Peters has been haunted by his brother's death ever since it happened, and it is one of his motivations for joining the United Liberators Coalition and Liberators-830B.

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